Thursday, November 6, 2008

Raw Power

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Just hanging out in Key West, getting to know the locals, reading about the history of the city, Watching the election coverage, enjoying time with my 8 1/2 month old grandson and other friends and family.

Went to the preliminary World Championship Power Boat races yesterday. Fascinating to see such raw power and speeds in such a low key tranquil place!!!!

The cruise ships come in about every other day and the place is crawling with tourists from around the world for the next 8-24 hours after they arrive.

Historical facts--Key West was the location of the U.S.'s first international airline flight when Pan Am flew from Key West to Cuba in 1927. Key West was also the winter white house retreat of President Truman and his staff. The "Little White House", the name of his vacation home, was also used from time to time by Presidents Cater, Eisenhower and Kennedy. Key West also has a long tradition of being home to many artists and writers including Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.

Have a great weekend.