Tuesday, October 14, 2008

St Augustine Sunrise

Crossed a major milestone today going over the 9000 mile mark and am currently in Gainesville Florida, 9002 miles into the trip, but who's counting???

Caught a great sunrise in St. Augustine this morning.

Left St. Augustine this morning with no route or destination in mind other than heading West. Rode through Northern Florida farm country. Great weather, temperatures in the 80's and sunny. Had and opportunity to walk around the downtown area of Gainesville and the campus of the University of Florida tonight. It is clearly football season as everyone was still talking about the Gators win over LSU this past Saturday.

Had an interesting conversation with one of the locals regarding the economy and politics this afternoon while riding along the Hawthorne rail trail. Not sure that many in Washington or on Wall Street really understand how the general public feels about the current state of the country. Should make for interesting elections!!!!!!!

The Spanish originally developed cattle ranches in the area and in the mid 1800's Gainesville became a railroad hub. Gainesville beat out several other Florida cities for the establishment of the University of Florida and today the University is a major factor in the city.

Tomorrow I intend to head South, again with no route or destinatin in mind. Everyone I have meet in Florida has encouraged me to make it to Key West for a festival that is coming up at the end of the month.


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