Monday, October 20, 2008

Southwestern Florida

Currently in Naples Florida, 9678 miles into the trip.
Spent the better part of the day riding through Southwestern Florida farm and cattle country, past very large citrus groves and through swamp land. Just when I thought I wasn't going to see any more corn fields, one was in the middle of reclaimed swamp land. I have ridden through 24 states and in everyone I have seen cornfields. What happens to all that corn???? Not sure about the road sign pictured above other than I don't think I want to run into the cat it is designed to protect.
Had an opportunity to see a little of the Naples waterfront. Incredible waterfront homes and beaches. Given the economy, one has to wonder if the miles of waterfront high rise condos are sold or occupied? Not much history on Naples other than it was formed in the 1800's and promoted for its sunny days and abundant fishing and wildlife. The promoters of the city likened the bay to the bay in Naples Italy, thus the name Naples. The city boasts it has more golf holes per capita than anywhere else in the country. It is a favorite tourist spot with over 10 miles of pristine beaches and serves as a gateway to the Everglades.
Tomorrow I will begin the first of two days riding through the Everglades. After that it is on to Key West.


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