Saturday, October 18, 2008

Southwestern and Central Florida

Currently in Clewiston Florida, 9430 miles into the trip. Clewiston is on the shores of Lake Oceechobee, the second largest freshwater lake contained in the contiguous United States.
Spent yesterday riding through Western Florida, the Fort Meyers area and spent last night at a friend's home on Sanibel Island. Sanibel is a small island near Fort Meyers and is world renowned for its seashell covered beaches. The island, first formed about 6000 years ago from ocean current and storm wave action, is one of the youngest land forms in the U.S. It was initially inhabited by Indains and then became a haven for pirates attacking ships sailing from the Port of New Orleans. Fort Meyers, a city that has developed rapidly during recent times (note picture of the skyline above), was the winter home of a number of America's famous industrialists including the Edison and Ford families.
Today, I headed inland and rode through more cattle and citrus grove country which gave way to sugar cane plantations. Clewiston is known as "America's Sweetest Town" as it is home to United States Sugar. It will likely lose this designation as the Governor of Florida authorized in June of 2008 the purchase of all of United States Sugar's land as part of a massive project to restore the natural Everglades of Southern Florida. More on this tomorrow.
Caught a great sunrise yesterday morning, rode through a small community and got a shot of the local church steeple with the moon in the background and this morning managed to get a shot of some fishermen in the bay near Fort Meyers as they were pulling in a fish. Late this afternoon I rode on the bike path along Lake Oceechobee and watched some interesting clouds begin to form thunderheads.
Have a great weekend.


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