Friday, October 10, 2008


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Currently in Kingsland Georgia, 8791 miles into the trip.

Spent yesterday touring Savannah's historic district. Numerous historic sites related to the Revolutionary War and Civil War along with historic homes from the 17th and 18th century. Learned a lot about Savannah's past including the role it played as a major port early in it's founding and continuing today. Lots of "Southern" charm and character and as one strolls through the historic district, one can easily imagine what the South was like before the Civil War.

Did you know that Georgia was originally part of South Carolina and was not colonized by the British until they decided they needed to build a "buffer" between the Spanish in Florida and important plantations of the Carolina's. Early Georgia settlers were Englishmen who were trying to stay out of "debtor prisons" in England.

Found Savannah's oldest watering hole last night, Pinkie Masters, a place the local's refer to as a real "dive" and at the same time they consider it a historic "institution". Pinkie, the legendary owner, was one of the first people in Georgia to help Jimmie Carter win the presidential election and the bar is known for Carter standing on the bar making a speech before he was inaugurated as president. Listened to several interesting conversations regarding politics and the economy. Some interesting comments that both presidential candidates probably need to listen too if they want to be successful as our next president.

Rode along the Georgia coast today through marshland, passing through small communities involved in the fishing and shrimping industry. Had an opportunity to ride across numerous bridges spanning wide meandering rivers leading to the Atlantic ocean.

Stopped at a roadside fruit stand to have a fresh Georgia peach, only to find out that the peaches they were selling were actually from Southern Idaho. Didn't expect to ride almost 8700 miles to get a peach from Idaho!!!! It tasted great.

Weather has become rainy with spotted thunderstorms. After only having one flat tire on my bike (two on the trailer) during the first 8600+ miles, I had two flats today. Fortunately both happened between showers. Temperatures in the low 80's and have had a nice tailwind.

Tomorrow I will enter Florida and begin the final leg of the journey. Should be in St. Augustine Florida tomorrow, the oldest city in the U.S., founded by the Spanish in 1591 during their search for the fountain of youth.


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