Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Horn

Currently in Arcadia Florida, 9303 miles into the trip.

Great riding day. Hot, temperatures in the high 80's, low 90's, sunny, humid and once again windy. Started early while it was cool and the Florida hill country was shrouded in fog, especially the low areas.

Continued riding through cattle country this morning which gradually gave way to a combination of cattle pastures, farm land and citrus groves. Got a picture of a "One Horned Black Bull", these animals are extremely rare in captivity and I could not believe my good fortune to be able to photograph one up close. Generally they are only seen in the wild, in early morning or after sunset. I've also been following the Florida "bird trail" and had an opportunity to capture a picture of a flock of rare Southwestern Florida Black Horn Billed Heron!!!!!

Enjoyed some great Southern BBQ in Arcadia tonight. Arcadia is located about 50 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It is "cattle country" and has a reputation as a rough and ready place as a result of it's pioneer past. It earned its Wild West reputation from a series of cattle wars in the 1890s, complete with frequent ambushes and shootouts between feuding ranchers and cattle rustlers. It is nestled among a beautiful patchwork of rolling pastures and farm land, wandering waterways, small towns and the meandering Peace River.

Unlike the last two days, I have a specific route and destination in mind for tomorrow. I will be riding to Sanibel Island, on the Gulf Coast.

All the best, stay focused on the road ahead and may the wind be at your back!!!!!


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