Tuesday, October 7, 2008

North and South Carolina

Currently in Georgetown South Carolina, 8481 miles into the trip.

Thanks to Sean at Kokanee Publishing in Sandpoint, my blog posting problems have been solved and I am back on line.

I have spent the last week riding through Virgina, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and North Eastern South Carolina. Highlights have included:

--Riding through the Richmond National Battlefield;
--Riding along historic Revoluntionary and Civil War routes and battlefields:
--Riding along deserted Atlantic Ocean beaches thrughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina;
--Riding through "cotton country" in the Carolina's;
--Riding past numerous golf courses (regular and miniture) near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina;
--Meeting numerous "locals" and discussing the economy, politics, etc. and
--Catching some incredible sunrises over the Atlantic; and
--Picture perfect weather, no clouds, temps in the high 70's and a tail wind.

Tomorrow I head to Charleston SC and plan on visiting historic downtown Charleston.

Happy to be back on line.


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