Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Florida Keys

Currently in Marathon Florida, 9976 miles into the trip. About half way down the Keys and 50+ miles away from Key West and the end of the journey.
Wild weather today. Cloudy, sunny, rainy and 30+ mile and hour winds from the Northeast which made for a tough first 12 miles of riding until I South down the Keys. At one point, I was riding down a bridge and pedaling hard as I was riding directly into the wind. When I turned South, it was like having a sail and my average speed was probably 20+mph. Note the pictures of the sail boarder. He was literally flying across the water!!! Fantastic cloudy sunrise. Got a great close-up of a single flower right after a rain shower with the sun reflecting off the raindrops.
The Keys are as relaxed and laid back as you can imagine, especially now during the "low season". About the only thing going on is a few locals fishing and some people heading to Key West for a big festival this weekend. Everyone is complaining about the lack of business and how bad the real estate market is when it comes to renting vacation homes.
Tomorrow I will arrive in Key West, my final destination. On one hand I am very excited to be near the end, on the other hand, it seems like I have been riding for so long, I'm not sure what I will do Saturday morning when I don't have another day of riding in front of me. More on this tomorrow.
All the best.


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