Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Florida Cattle and Horse Country

Currently in Brooksville Florida, 9102 miles into the trip. Brooksville is approximately 40 miles North of Tampa near the West coast of Florida.

As my ride is coming to an end, I want to thank everyone that has made a contribution or donation to the Panhandle Alliance's early childhood literacy program. The program will start this month and is a great way for our young children to begin the journey of life-long learning. If you haven't already contributed, please consider a donation. Simply go to the donation section of my web site and make a contribution. It will be an investment in our most important asset for the future, our children.

Left Gainesville this morning without a specific destination or route in mind. Headed West and then South and rode through Florida cattle and horse country. To my surprise, much of the day was spent riding through rolling hill country. Hot, humid and very windy. Not much change in scenery and very few tourist stops along the way. Much different than the Eastern coast of Northern Florida.

The pink elephant pictured above was in the middle of a field full of cars. Interestingly, while it didn't appear to have anything to do with politics, a short distance from it were numerous political advertisements for both Republican and Democratic candidates.

Tomorrow I will head South, again with no specific route or destination in mind other than to continue to work my way toward Key West.

All the best.


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