Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Everglades

Still in Florida City, Florida. Now 9895 miles into the trip after riding through the Everglades today.
Left early this morning and caught a very cloudy sunrise over the farm fields West of Florida City. Overcast most of the day, with a strong wind again out of the East. Spent most of the day riding through the Everglades National Park.
The Park is the only National Park that was created with the express purpose of trying to save the Everglades, a vast waterway in Southern Florida. Southern Florida's natural water flows, the lifeblood of the Everglades, have changed as a result of development, altering river flows and controlling water flows for agriculture. The Federal and State government have a plan to restore the natural water flow to the extent possible over the next 30 years. Many are skeptical that the plan will work or funding will be available.
Riding through the Park, one gets the sense of the vast waterway system that used to exist. I rode through almost 40 miles of sloughs, grasses and trees most of which were standing in shallow water as a result of the recent summer rains.
Rode over my last "pass" of the trip today, Rock Reef Pass, noted in the picture above. While it was a tough climb, I managed to make it to the top and it is now all down hill!!!!!!!
Tomorrow I will head South down the Keys.


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