Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Charleston South Carolina

Currently in Charleston South Carolina, 8545 miles into the trip.

Easy ride today in terms of miles as I spent most of the afternoon touring Charleston. The City is rich in history going back to before the Revolutionary War. Charleston is unique in that it was captured in two wars (the Revolutionary War and the Civil War), attacked by pirates, destroyed by an earthquake, several fires and major hurricanes over the years. It is a walking city with many restored homes and buildings that are 250+ years old. It contains the largest collection of residential pre-Revolutionary War homes, some of which are pictured above. It also has the distinction of being the place where the South fired the first shots during the Civil War. Today, Charleston is one of the top tourist cities in the U.S. given it's historic distict.

Tomorrow I will continue to head South with my next major destination being Savannah.


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