Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scenic Connecticut

Back in Woodstock Connecticut after riding to the Southern coast of Connecticut to visit a friend yesterday. 7063 miles into the trip.

Woke up yesterday to 70+ degree temperatures at 6:00 am. Beautiful sunshine and simply one of the best riding days on the trip. Rode through rural Connecticut on scenic route 169. The route took me past centuries old farms, cornfields, 18th century homes and rock fences. Spent last night at a friend's home in Stonington Connecticut, a beautiful seaside community steeped in whaling and shipbuilding history.

This morning, I was reflecting on yesterday's bad news on Wall Street lamenting on the situation when I came upon a group of parents and their children waiting for the school bus. Watching the kids playing, laughing, hugging their parents and waving goodbye from the school bus made me realize no matter how bad things seem, our future is bright if we choose to do something about it. The future is those young kids, eager and excited to learn and it is really up to us to get them prepared for that future. That's why your contribution to the early childhood literacy program of the Panhandle Alliance for Education is so important. Please consider donating today if you haven't already done so. 100% of your donation will go to supporting the program. Simply click on the donation section of the website and make a difference in not only our children's future but yours as well.

I head back to the Boston area tomorrow to pick up my route on my way to the Washington DC area.

Quote of the day--"If you want your children to walk in your footsteps, you better watch where you step", posted on the sign board of a local church.


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