Thursday, September 4, 2008

Riding through Maine

Currently in Bucksport Maine, 6488 miles into the trip.

Spent Tuesday and Wednesday riding through Maine farm country and woods. Today, rode most of the day along the Maine coast. Like Vermont and New Hampshire, the rides have been challenging with steep climbs and far more hills than expected. The State is beautiful and full of quaint little villages, many of them tracing their beginnings back to the 1700's. Stayed in a home last night built in 1780 and captured some great pictures of the buildings surrounding the home in the early morning fog. Maine is full of history relating to logging, fishing and tourism. Met someone last night whose family farm was the oldest farm in the area and was originally a land grant from the King of England.

Yes, the picture of the road mileage sign above lists actual villages and towns in Maine. I checked the official Maine state map and all are located in Maine. Finally, the last picture above was taken from the 42 story tall observation deck of the new bridge across the Penobscot River with Bucksport in the background.

Tomorrow will be a short day from a riding perspective as I will travel approximately 45-50 miles to Bar Harbor Maine, currently my final Northern destination before I start to head South to Florida. Will be talking a couple of days off to enjoy the area, have my bike tuned up for the final third of the journey and eat some great Maine seafood.

Best recent quote--"It's not about the destination as much as it is about the journey." A mom describing her son's planned bicycle ride around the world to a co-worker at a wonderful little organic farm store in the Maine countryside.


At September 5, 2008 2:24 PM , Anonymous Trish said...

Mel, Thank you for the photos of New England. Brings back some great memories. Have you come across any covered bridges? If you get a chance, check out Cadillac Mountain on Mt. Desert Island. It is said that this is the first place in the Unitied States to catch the sun as it comes up. Also if you are there when the sun rises over the horizon there is a brief flash of green light. (Make sure you are bundled up - the pre-dawn air is chilly!!) Enjoy a lobster , Check out thunder hole, and enjoy the beauty of Maine in the late summer/early fall. Happy trails! and Thanks!

At September 6, 2008 10:59 AM , Blogger melvin said...

Checked out Cadillac Mountain this morning, unfortunately it was fogged in as a result of Hurricane Hana hitting the East Coast. Saw Thunder Hole, have enjoyed some great lobster. Absolutely beautiful area.



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