Thursday, September 11, 2008


Currently in Littleton Mass., approximately 6882 miles into the trip. Littleton is a suburb 25 miles West of Boston. Mostly residential, very few shops, restaurants and only one place to stay, a nice little B&B.

Spent the last two days riding through small little villages and towns in Maine, New Hampshire and Mass. Many of the communities were settled in the 1600's and 1700's. Originally fishing, logging or farming communities they are now mostly "commuter" communities. The route the last couple of days has taken me down tree lined roads, past numerous small lakes and ponds, past many small farms with stone fences and near the Ocean.

Could have used a GPS today, as the route gave new meaning to the term "back-country roads". I traveled approximately 90 miles today and rode on 49 different roads or streets. Fortunately, I never really got lost and the route maps had only a few "unsigned" roads. After so many miles of tree lined roads with numerous forks and dead-ends, one begins to get the feeling of being in a maze.

As I rode through the country the last couple of days I had an opportunity to photograph reflections on numerous small ponds and lakes, thus the title of today's blog update. And yes, the turtle sign crossing is a real roadside sign. As someone told me tonight, they take their turtles seriously in Mass.

Plan on taking the day off to play tourist in Boston tomorrow. Hope to do the Freedom Trail walking tour.

Sign of the day--"Ham and eggs special--a day's work for a chicken, a lifetime for a pig." The breakfast special at a country market in NH.


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