Monday, September 1, 2008

New Hampshire

Currently in North Woodstock New Hampshire. Another bright sunny day, temperatures in the mid-70's, strong headwind most of the day. I have very limited access to the internet, in the lobby of a B&B only.

Completed riding through the Green Mountains of Vermont and currently in Western New Hampshire. Great scenery, steep climbs and more cornfields. Interesting placement of a flag pole in the middle of a cornfield!

Had an absolutely delightful time at the B&B I stayed at last night. Franco and Susan (pictured above) were great hosts. The food was awesome and the company was great. If you are ever in Pittsfield Vermont, you have to check out their place, the Casa Bella Inn.

Will continue riding through New Hampshire tomorrow. Highest mountain pass of the East tomorrow morning and then it's downhill to the Maine Coast.


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