Monday, September 22, 2008

Delaware Water Gap

Currently in Norristown Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, approximately 7550 miles into the trip. Weather continues to be great with cool morning and sunny warm afternoons. Makes for great riding.

Spent the last two days riding through rural New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Yesterday I rode through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, an absolutely beautiful area that is operated by the National Park System. The Delaware River forms the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania and millions of years of erosion have allowed the river to cut through Kittatinny Mountain in an "S" shape to form the Gap. Today's ride was through New Jersey and Pennsylvania farm country. The picture above is not from the Midwest, rather it is one of the numerous cornfields that lined the rural New Jersey roads this morning. Also rode past countless stone homes and other 17th and 18th century dwellings.

Spent last night in Belvidere, a small village in New Jersey along the Delaware River that used to be home to numerous floor and wood mills. An interesting historical tidbit is that the boats Washington and his army used to cross the Delaware River during the Revoluntionary War were built in Belvidere. Stayed in an old hotel originally constructed in the 1700's.

Tomorrow I start a new segment of the Atlantic Coast route and will ride through more of Eastern Pennsylvania on my way to the Chesapeake Bay area to visit friends and the Washington DC area.

Quote of the day--"Educating our children is about preparing them for a life of learning", posted on a school signboard.


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