Sunday, September 14, 2008


Currently in Woodstock Connecticut, 6952 miles into the trip.

Left the Boston area this morning in a rainstorm to head South to Stonington Connecticut to visit someone who challenged me to ride to the Connecticut coast even though it is not on my route and committed to donate $1000 to the early literacy program of the Panhandle Alliance for Education. While it will add approximately 240 miles to my trip, it is well worth it given the donation. Thanks to the donor for his support of PAFE. If you haven't already donated or pledged, please consider doing so. The early literacy program will play a key role in developing young children and preparing them for a life-long learning experience. Simply go to the donation section of the website and make your pledge today. Trust me it will make a difference in someone's life.

Spent more time in Boston yesterday on the Freedom Walk. Toured Paul Revere's house as well as the Old South House, originally built in 1729 by the Puritans, it became a well known place for hosting debates and meetings of the patriots. Also visited Faneuil Hall Market Place, built in 1742 to serve as a market and meeting place, it became "the gathering place" for patriots to speak out against the British and is well known as the "cradle of freedom". It continues as a market today catering to tourists, being the 4th busiest tourist destination in the U.S. last year. It serves as a gathering place for aspiring musicians, artists and other performers. It was great to see the creativity of the young man pictured above with his homemade drum set of pales and kitchen equipment.

Woodstock, the community I am staying at tonight, was settled by 13 families in the 1760's. I am staying at a home built in 1816 by a descendant of one of the original 13 settlers. The home and family farm were owned by the same family for over 300 years and the surrounding land still serves as a farm. Much to my surprise, the part of Northern Connecticut that I am in is very rural with rolling tree covered hill sides.

After tomorrow I will ride back to the Boston area to pick up my route on my way to the Washington DC area, which I hope to reach in approximately 2 weeks.


At September 15, 2008 4:12 PM , Anonymous Jessica Hoss said...

I've been following your ride Mel, but I had to chime in this time since I'm a true Connecticut yankee - born and raised in Fairfield. And I know how magnificent New England is! Happy Trails.

At September 16, 2008 2:12 PM , Anonymous Mel said...

Thanks Jessica. I have really enjoyed riding through New England. The scenery and people have been great. The area is loaded with history!


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