Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coastal Maine

Currently in Freeport Maine, home of LL Bean, 6694 miles into the trip. Have spent the last two days riding through coastal Maine villages. Stayed in Camden Maine last night, a quaint little fishing/ship building village that has become a tourist destination.

Yesterday was a great day for riding, sunny, great temperatures and low humidity. Today was another story. Ugly day that started out with a flat tire on my trailer (to go on top of the flat tire I had yesterday morning), headwinds and thunderstorms with pouring rain. Not to mention getting lost several times during the rain trying to fine "unmarked" roads. The good news, I still managed to ride 70+ miles for the day and ride on some beautiful back country roads along the coast. Also managed to get a great shot of the sunrise framing a church steeple in Camden early this morning.

The coastal villages of Maine are full of fishing, ship building and early manufacturing history. All have great harbors and marina's and many have become tourist destinations. Numerous B&B's and inns with great restaurants that serve excellent seafood.

Tomorrow I continue my journey South down the Maine coast. Will ride more inland to avoid traffic and congested roads around Portland Maine. Weather is supposed to return to sunshine for the rest of the week.


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