Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bar Harbor

Still in Bar Harbor Maine. Hurricane Hana blew through last night and early this morning. Up to 8 inches of rain in total and over 5 inches in an hour according to the locals. Every basement has been flooded and some of the roads in Acadia National Park were closed this morning.

Took a bus tour through Acadia National Park yesterday. Couldn't see much because of the fog thus very few pictures. After touring on a bicycle, I am not sure I will be able to get used to touring in a vehicle again. Just can't see the same things and everything goes by really fast! Found myself wanting to take pictures or stop for a view and couldn't because of traffic and the tour bus couldn't stop. Wished the weather was better so I could really enjoy the Park. When I leave tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and I will get a chance to ride through part of the Park on my way South.

Tomorrow I begin the journey South. The next 3500 miles will likely go slower than the first 3500 since I plan on stopping more often to visit people and also to enjoy the history of the East Coast. Major planned stops include Boston and the coast of Mass., the District of Columbia area, Williamsburg, Savannah and several places in Florida including a side trip along the Southern Tier bicycle route along the Northern part of Florida into the Florida panhandle.


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