Thursday, August 7, 2008


Currently in Cumberland Wisconsin, 4160 miles into the trip. Left the Minneapolis/St. Paul area this morning and rode through Eastern Minnesota along the St. Croix River Valley and then entered North Central Wisconsin farm and lake country. Weather was some of the best on the trip, temperatures in the mid-70's, relatively low humidity and only a slight head/cross wind.

The Cumberland area got it's start in the timber days of the 1870's and was known as one of the toughest lumber camps in Wisconsin, at one time boasting 24 saloons. Today it is known for it's farming and vegetables. Note the green beans being processed at the local canning plant in the photo above. It is also the site of a rutabaga festival in late August which features a rutabaga (type of turnip) hunt, bands, entertainers and a parade. Unfortunately, I will miss the festival!

Had a great time with two long-time friends (Dave and Dave) in Minneapolis. Fishing was great, caught a 8 lb. Northern Pike and a 2+ lb small mouth bass, in addition to several other fish. Managed to rest the body and did some serious carbo loading! Also had a chance to spend some time with a former partner (also Dave) who was a mentor during my early days in business.

Riding through Southwestern Minn last Sunday, I had an opportunity to get a photo of one of the largest wine bottles in the world. Didn't expect to find a winery in Southern Minn.!!!

More of Northern Wisconsin tomorrow.


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