Monday, August 25, 2008

Niagara Falls

Currently in Lockport NY, 5720 miles into the trip. Spent last night in Silver Creek NY after riding through Pennsylvania grape country along the shores of Lake Erie. Began yesterday with an early morning ride through Presque Isle State Park near Erie Pa. Great ride and some fascinating history. Presque Isle was the site where the U.S. Lake Erie naval fleet was constructed during the war of 1812. The fleet was commanded by Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry who defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry is famous for his sayings of "Don't give up the ship" and "We have meet the enemy and they are ours". Got some great shots of the sky and a lone early morning fisherman.

After Presque Isle, rode through miles of vineyards, some growing right up to the shores of Lake Erie. While the area contains many wineries, the majority of the grapes are processed by Welches for Concord grape juice or jam.

Today, continued the ride along the shores of Lake Erie to Buffalo NY. After Buffalo, entered Canada, visited Niagara Falls then crossed back into the U.S.

Tomorrow the route will be along the Erie Canal. Got a late afternoon shot of the Canal as I entered Lockport this afternoon.

Did you know that Lake Erie is the 12th largest fresh-water lake in the world and that more fish are caught each year for human consumption from Lake Erie then the other four Great Lakes combined?


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