Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michigan Countryside

Spent the last three days riding through the Michigan countryside. Lakes, trees, farms and hills. Stayed at Boyne City, the one-time logging capital of Michigan two days ago and in Mesick, the self-proclaimed Morel Mushroom capital of the world yesterday as evidenced by the fact that I stayed at the Mushroom Cap Motel and ate at the Mushroom Bar. Currently in Harmon City, 4950 miles into the trip. Couldn't find anyone in Harmon City that could tell me anything about the area other than it has a number of small lakes and summer homes. Not many motels or much internet access in rural Michigan.

Yes, that is a giraffe in the above picture. It was in someone's yard in the countryside yesterday. I am amazed at what I see as I ride. Rode two days ago on M-119, the tunnel of trees road. It was truly like riding in a tunnel as the trees seem to close in the road and block out the sun. Continue to get great pictures of old farm buildings as well as other unusual pictures such as the bears in a field.

The Michigan countryside is rolling hills, heavily forested with occasional hay and corn farms. I have been riding mostly on lonely county roads with very few cars or anything else. Very peaceful and plenty of time to reflect.

Had an opportunity to stop at a Colorado friend's Michigan summer home yesterday and have breakfast. Jack's (his son) scrambled eggs were some of the best I have had during the trip! It was nice to see familiar faces and talk to someone other than a stranger. Finally have started seeing some other cyclists who are doing regional tours around the Great Lakes area.

I have also learned that Michigan roads are not always well marked, having gotten lost on several occasions during the last week. I'm getting real good at asking for directions.

Finally, I hope everyone in Sandpoint is enjoying the annual Music Festival. I understand the performers and the weather have been great.


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