Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Historic Canal Country

Currently in Fremont Ohio, 5331 miles into the trip. Fremont, home of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the U.S., is nestled in farm country of North Central Ohio. Temperatures were great for riding today, mid-70's; however, had a strong Easterly headwind all day. Started to notice the change in seasons today. Trees are starting to turn and a few leaves are dropping. The corn fields are getting brown and the temperature this evening as a Fall chill.

Started the day with a great sunrise and riding along U.S. Route 424 that follows the old canal route from Defiance Ohio to Napoleon Ohio. Got some great shots of the Maumee River, one of the old locks of the canal and a dam on the Maumee River that was formed to create "slack" water for the canal. The canal was part of a system that linked Lake Erie in the North with the Ohio River to the South. It carried goods from Ohio and Indiana and from as far away as New York City and New Orleans. At times riding along the canal one could almost visualize barrages loaded with merchandise and supplies being pulled by teams of 4 to 6 horses or mules.

Rode through Florida, Napoleon, Texas, Grand Rapids and Bowling Green today. After a while I began wondering what state I was in. Note sure how all the towns or villages were named, but am certain there are many stories behind them. Rode past an enormous Campbell Soup plant today. You could smell tomato soup from a mile away!

North Central Ohio is farm country and the farm homes and barns are big and well kept as noted in the pictures above. And yes, that is an oil derrick right outside of Fremont in the last picture above.

Changed my rear tire today, the fourth time since I've left to go along with four rear wheel changes.

Tomorrow I will ride through Clyde, Avery, Huron, Vermilion and Lorain before I arrive in Cleveland where I plan to take a day off to do some sightseeing.


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