Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cheese, Friday Night Fish Frys and Beer

Currently in Escanaba Michigan, 4504 miles into the trip. Spent Friday night in Glidden Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed "bear capital" of Wisconsin and last night with some friends near Iron River in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan , just across the Wisconsin border. Unfortunately, I did not have internet access either day. The route through Northern Wisconsin and Michigan has been very remote with very little cell phone coverage. It is an area rich in the history of logging and iron ore mining.

The weather has a touch of "Fall", with temperatures in the 40's at night and high 60's to low 70's during the last couple of days. It has been windy but generally I've had a cross or slight tail wind. As a result I have made good time during the last 4 days, riding almost 450 miles.

Claudia and I went to work in Wisconsin after college and both our children were born there. Riding through the state brought back fond memories of traveling through the state, cheese, Friday night fish frys and beer. I managed to eat plenty of cheese curds, attended a Friday night fish fry of Walleye and Lake Perch and last but not least, I continue to "carbo" load on beer.

Rode through dairy and lake country on tree-lined roads most of the last two days. As I ride, I am always looking for the "unusual" photo opportunity. While I wasn't surprised by the fishing lures caught on electric lines above a bridge, I didn't expect to see a long-horn bull in the dairy country of Wisconsin. And no, I wasn't standing on my head attempting to take a picture of trees with an out of focus camera. I just couldn't resist the reflections of the trees on a lake early yesterday morning.

Will be spending tomorrow morning visiting Escanaba before I take off for Mackinac Island where I plan a couple of days off to take in the rich history of Northern Michigan and the Great Lakes.


At August 11, 2008 4:30 PM , Anonymous Chris B said...

Mel, looking at the shots of you with those fish a couple posts down reminds me of the saying, "No man, having caught a large fish, goes home through the alley." Glad to see you could mix some fishing in with the peddling.


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