Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South Dakota

Currently in Hot Springs, South Dakota, 3335 miles into the trip. Rode in rain this morning through Northern Neb farmland and wide-open grasslands in Southern South Dakota this afternoon.

Awoke early to a tremendous thunderstorm, although very little rain. Mostly lightening and thunder. Reminded me of growing up in Eastern South Dakota. Hot and humid this afternoon and a thunderstorm has just started.

Hot Springs is located in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. It is famous for it's hot springs which were initially used by the Sioux and Cheyenne Native American tribes to soak away their aches and worries. It is home to Evans plunge, the largest warm-water indoor swimming pool fed by a 5000 gallons per-minute spring which has been flowing for centuries. A site at the edge of town has yielded at least 55 mammoths, along with 40 other species of Ice Age animals that apparently died in an ancient spring-fed sinkhole 26,000 years ago.

Off to Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park tomorrow. Plan on doing some sightseeing and visiting my best friend from high school.


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