Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the road again

Back on the road today after taking Thursday through Saturday off in the Denver area to visit friends. Currently in Brush Colorado, 3048 miles into the trip. Long(130 miles), windy, hot(100+ degrees) ride today. Not many photo opportunities. Road the majority of the day with a former partner and old riding partner from my days in Colorado. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo above, he didn't make it past the hay bale coming into Brush Colo!!!! Seriously, I spent the day trying to catch up with him, he is a great rider.

Had a great time seeing many old friends, partners and co-workers the last three days. It was great seeing many people that I haven't seen in 6-8+ years. Had an absolutely great dinner with my former Denver partners from Arthur Andersen. We had a very special group and it was like we were still working together. Thanks to Clayton Peterson for arranging the dinner.

Went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game with a couple of old buddies last night. The Rockies won and hopefully are about to begin their second half run for the World Series again.

On a sad note, had an opportunity to visit with a dear friend and former Partner who a serious health condition. Makes you realize that all the issues, problems and concerns we have are really trivial in relation to having your good health. Also confirms my belief of living in the moment as one never knows what the future will bring.

Thanks to Kathy and Eric Kufeldt and Roger and Jeannie Christensen for their great hospitality the last several days.

On my way to Scottsbluff Neb tomorrow and then the Black Hills of S. Dak later this week.


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