Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am in Interior South Dakota, population 67 and the Southern gateway to the Badlands National Park. 3500+ miles into the trip.

Rode out of the mountains of the Black Hills this morning and through parts of the Badlands National Park. The Badlands are an area of the country that was once covered by a shallow sea which divided the continent into eastern and western land masses. About 65 million years ago the sea drained and North America become whole. About the same time the dinosaurs died out. The Badlands were created about a half million years ago when erosion began to slice through the prairie and fossil-rich layers of mud-stone creating a landscape that is spectacular and can give one the impression of being on the moon or another planet.

As I ride, I am always looking for the unusual photo opportunity. This morning it came in the form of tires half buried in a field in a Stonehedge fashion and a dinosaur in the middle of absolutely nowhere, nothing within 20 miles of it. Also captured a shot of a very unique bar in Scenic South Dakota, which is basically an old Indian Trading Post town. Scenic got it's name as a result of being totally surrounded by the Badlands giving a "scenic" view to the original homesteaders.


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